Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Photo Post

Just a few photos from the Zombie After Walk Party at the Cellar  to tide you over for a while, there will be a special update/interview as well as a new podcast coming soon. Soon my lovelies! So till then, pictures of me as a Voodoo Priestess and Mandy as my bloated swamp zombie. And if you're wondering why the photos look so odd and blurry its because they were taken with my Polaroid and then scanned in.
Yes, I broke down and bought a Polaroid....call me a hipster, or artsty fartsy but I don't care. They're fun and make me look super pale so shush.

Because Polaroids wash everything out the make-up looks way lighter than it actually was, Mama was full on green and slimey looking and my skull was way darker but I still like these. Especially Mama's because she's doing a great drunk face next to the beer taps.....


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