Sunday, 11 May 2014

Stevie Nicks Fringed Robe

Last weekend was the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and while I could go on and on about how awesome it was and how lucky I felt to be performing alongside some of the top performers from all over the world as well as being able to perform side by side with my boyfriend, I'm not going to.
Because that gets boring to anyone who wasn't there. We all know it was awesome so let's focus on something else

The after party. Or more specifically, what I wore to the after party.

You see, the after party was on Saturday night and I kept my entire day free because my boyfriend was leaving the next morning to go on a jazz tour across Canada and I thought that it would be nice to spend as much time together before he left for like two weeks. But due to lots of little last minuete things that he had to get done for the tour I wound up waiting around a lot.

And what does Voodoo do when she gets bored and has to wait around? She sews things.

So I decided to work on my Stevie Nicks robe, an idea I had a while back when I saw all the various sheer kimono robe things popping up in things like Forever 21 and H&M. I've really been digging that style, I already have a skirt that is kind of similar but the robes were espeically interesting to me. However I was never happy with the patterns, there are many girly floral patterned ones but I wanted that fun 1960s/70s vibe. Also I wasn't willing to spend 30$ on something that I knew I could make.

I had already bought the fringe and fabric using the gift card that my boyfriend got me for dressew so all I needed to do was lay it all out and get to work. (Can I just stop here and say that he is the smartest man EVER for getting me that as a gift.....)

Okay so after I laid it all out and decided which way I was going to set the pattern (horizontal vs vertical) I dug around in my closet till I found an old robe and then sliced that apart to use as a pattern. Next I laid it out on the new fabric to cut out and visualize how it was going to be pieced together.
Seems pretty easy right?
Right! So then I cut it all out, keeping in mind that for the sleeves I wanted more of a bell effect so I just extended the sides out a little more compared to the original robe.

With that done I sewed everything together and then did a linning of brown trim along the collar/lapel area as a way to keep it from fraying.
I didn't have enough to do all the of the edges so for the sleeves I just folded it in and did a nice seam, and for the bottom I folded it twice and sewed the gold fringe to it.

The end is result is gorgeous and I've already recieved many compliments on it, it's very light and makes me feel very swishy and spooky. I think it looks best with a tight black skirt and cowboy boots/black high heels. Which is what I went with when I went to the after party.
Total Time to Make: 3 hours
Total Cost: Free (thanks to my gift card)
Things I learned while making this item: It's very easy and now I might have to make fancy robes for everyone I know as gifts. My sister is already demanding one.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, your Granma would be so proud. You obviously got her talent for sewing :)