Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rosemary's Yellow Dress

If you know me well enough you know that I have a strange obsession with the film Rosemary's Baby, it is one of my all time favourite movies. There are a many reasons why I love it, many of which are explained very well in this article here.

This article also touches on one of my favourite aspects of the film, the use of colour. Specifically the colour yellow. For some bizarre reason I absolutely adore the colour of that soft buttercream yellow that is used through the movie in both the set design and Rosemary's clothing.

And so, it was only a matter of time before I made a dress in that same shade. (I mean come on, my blog is already designed in a similar vein.)

The look of the dress came from an image I had saved to my phone a while back, I randomly saw it in a store window and took a picture for future reference. It was a swing style dress but with a cut out insert bust that I thought would not only be interesting to try and replicate but also be very flattering. So off to dressew with me, where I picked up 2 meters of gorgeous buttercream yellow cotton for about 9$ a meter. (But not really since I was still using my gift card, so technically this dress was free)

First I laid it all out on the floor and cut out the circle skirt portion of it.
Next I used a tank top that I had as the pattern for the bust, sewed it all together and then cut out the section that I wanted to go under the bust. Pretty easy so far! 
Originally I wanted to do the dress in white and yellow but something about it didn't look right so instead I used a dark chocolate brown ribbon to line the bust. I then used the last bit of fabric to do the bust insert section, which I did by folding the fabric in half and making a sort of long rectangle.
I then used the same chocolate ribbon to tie off the centre and sewed it up so it wouldn't come undone when I wash it.
Next I turned everything inside out and safety pinned the bust insert across my bust line, making sure to add some bunches/folds to make it look flattering and nice. Once it was all safety pinned I sewed it all up and cut off the excess fabric.
And yes, as you can see from this picture I do most my sewing in my underwear.....
Then the only thing left to do was to attach the circle skirt to the top and voila, my Rosemary's Swing Dress was finished.

Total Time to Make: 4 hours
Total Cost: Free (thanks to my gift card) but if I hadn't used it, it would have been about 20$
Things I learned while making this item: I'm getting better at just sort of making up patterns based on things I see, and this makes me happy. Also, I love soft cotton jersey knit stuff. SO comfortable.

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